Meet the Planner

The Flourish Planner is the ultimate digital planner for busy women on the go. It also offers UNLIMITED customizability. You can edit and change your planner to perfectly fit your days, weeks, and months. No more white out, scribbling over things, and tearing out pages.

This digital planner allows you to use your creativity to edit your planner however you’d like. Everything you need is all in this one digital file. Goal setting, financial planning, to-do lists, habit trackers, and more. It is your one-stop shop for sustainable planning, productivity and organization.

Our Mission


The Flourish Planner strives to create the best products that empower people to make a plan and take action towards their goals. 

We believe everyone can create the life they want by installing little goals, daily habits, and fun into their everyday lives. But it doesn’t just happen. You need the right tools to get you from A to B.

That’s where The Flourish Planner comes in. Our digital products are meant to help you reach your goals while creating balance in your life. Plan to finish writing the first chapter of your book while also blocking time off for movie night. Plan to complete your big project at work while following a workout routine.

Your opportunities are endless and you can plan to flourish.

The Reviews Are In

I have been a dedicated PAPER planner user since I was in the 3rd grade. But once you make the switch to digital you will never go back! This is my favorite digital planner I’ve used. Highly customizable and super cute


The Reviews Are In

I’m OBSESSED with this planner! All her videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram give me inspo and tips on how to use it. I use it every day to track my progress on my goals and to set myself up for success! Do yourself a favor and get it!!


The Reviews Are In

I absolutely love this planner! I have ADHD so traditional planners don’t work for me; however, with this one I’m able to adapt to my needs, but it keeps me structured enough to keep up with the most important tasks of each week. I’m so happy and grateful to have found this product. Thank you!


The Reviews Are In

I switched to a digital planner this year and the one I initially had wasn’t helping me stay organized. I needed something simpler and something I could personalize exactly how I wanted. I love the undated because I can use it all year. I love they layout and am already way more productive with this digital planner.


The Reviews Are In

Love the planner and how customizable it is for your life. My favorite pages are the weekly layouts, night and morning routine. Love how easy it is to download and plenty of information available to get the most out of your planner.


The Reviews Are In

I absolutely love this planner. I use it every day to keep me organized. It’s beginner friendly and easy to use. I also gave flourish planner a follow on tiktok and instagram because her tips are so helpful. Can’t recommend enough.


About the Creator

Hey! I’m Kristine. It’s nice to virtually meet you! I created Flourish Planner to inspire you to plan out a life you can flourish in. I’m an avid planner because I’ve found by accomplishing little tasks throughout the day, I get a boost of motivation, confidence, and overall happiness knowing I’m taking action towards my goals. By planning my day, I’m able to be productive and work towards my big dreams while also making time for me (which usually looks like watching Sex and The City re-runs on my couch). 

I fell in love with digital planning because it was minimal, zero-waste, and endlessly customizable. I traded in my cluttered desk of planners, journals, and stationary supplies for one minimalist solution that kept me organized and on track with my goals.  

When I couldn’t find the perfect digital planner that combined work/life balance, aesthetically pleasing layouts, and a community of amazing go-getters, I decided to create my own. And thus, Flourish Planner was born! 

I’m so happy to have you here! Let’s go flourish.