Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital planning?

Essentially digital planning is just uploading a PDF planner to a note taking app and writing over it on your iPad with the Apple Pencil (or your stylus of choice). So once you purchase and download a planner you will then upload it to a note taking app (we recommend Goodnotes5). 

Which digital note-taking app should I use?

We recommend either Goodnotes5 or Notability. We use Goodnotes5 in all our videos and content. IMPORTANT NOTE: PDFs are NOT compatible with Procreate.

What is an “add-as-you-go” planner?

This is an “add-as-you-go” planner! This means you can add as your use your pages so that you never have tons of blank planner spreads to filter through. It also keeps the file size down which adds to the functionality of the planner so you can have a better experience.

We recommend only adding pages and not deleting (as deleting pages can affect the integrity of the hyperlinked tabs). Once you are in your note-taking app of choice you can add pages (video instruction included) and move them around your planner by pressing and holding them down in the overview page (varies on note taking app, we recommend watching tutorials on your chosen app).

Is there a limit to how many days I can add?

Nope! You can add as many as your iPad storage will allow you.

How do I use hyperlinked tabs?

You must be in READ-ONLY mode on your note taking app to use the hyperlinks. You can find out how to do this in the video tutorial included or a tutorial from the app you have chosen to use.

Can I use this anytime?

Yep! Since this is an undated planner, you can pick it up and use it anytime of year.

Still have more questions? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Digital Planning video.