How to Prep for 2022

Is anyone else shocked that it’s about to be 2022? Where did the time go? Like most years, you are probably feeling a mix of emotions. Maybe you’re disappointed about one or more things that didn’t go the way you planned this year. On the other hand, you most likely have at least one area of your life that went really well and you hope to continue into 2022. Fortunately, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to get a 2022 planner and start your planning for 2022. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

How to prep for 2022

Do a Quick Review of 2021

One of the best ways to plan for the future is to start by looking back at where you’re coming from. This way you have a good foundation to work from. It’s likely that you already have some momentum and it’s important to recognize which areas of your life are going well and which need the most attention and work.

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Consider asking questions like,

  • What am I really proud of myself for in 2021?
  • What area of my life would be considered “most improved” in 2021?
  • What am I struggling with that I need to focus on?
  • What routines do I want to continue?

Create a Word of Phrase of the Year

Once you are clear on how things went in 2021, you can begin your 2022 planning by choosing a word or phrase for the year. This is a good way to set the tone and choose the direction you want to go in for your goals. For example, if you went all out in 2021 and are feeling exhausted and burnt out, you might pick something like “rest” or “rejuvenation” to steer your direction for next year. 

Once you have a word or phrase, you’ll be in a good position to create goals and habits that align with your word. If you are absolutely stumped about choosing a word, no worries, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few examples of ideas for a word of the year. 

  • Relax
  • Confident
  • Joy
  • Slow

As you choose a word, think about how you hope to feel and show up in the world in the year ahead. 

Put Your Word Into Practice With a Vision Board

Once you have your word, this is where the fun really begins. Go on Pinterest and create a vision board of images that align with your word for the year. I find that it’s helpful to do the vision board before writing down all of your goals as writing can be overwhelming for some people, while pictures and images that resonate tend to jump out at us.

Let’s go back to our example and say that you chose the word, “rest” for 2022. You might find pictures of a woman meditating, doing yoga, or beautiful exotic locations that you hope to travel to. Then, you can use your vision board to help you create tangible goals for your new year goal setting.

Goal Setting for 2022

After the chaos of 2020, I think many of us thought that 2021 would be the year that everything would return to normal. Unfortunately, you might have started the year with big goals that weren’t able to come to fruition, that’s ok. It’s ok to be discouraged and disappointed when things don’t go according to plan.

In addition to having your word of the year, try to adopt an attitude of being “flexible” and able to adapt to anything that is thrown your way. For instance, if you dream of going to Bali and that isn’t possible, could you visit another country or state instead? 

As you plan your goals for 2022 you can consider a few questions like,

  • What are 1-3 goals for my personal life (exercise, health, wellness)
  • What are 1-3 goals for my 9-5 work? 
  • What are 1-3 goals for my side hustle or hobbies?

Don’t try to do it all! You can always set 1-3 goals for these areas and then if you achieve them, you can add in another one. However, you don’t want to set 50 goals, achieve none of them, and set yourself up to fail.

Bring In Some Accountability

Now, we all know the statistics that very few people tend to stick with their new year’s planning. So, one of the best ways to follow through is to find yourself some accountability. Get together with a friend or family member and see if you can share your goals with one another and maybe even do a text or email check in once a week or month to see how the other person is doing.

This is also a helpful way to get feedback and encouragement! And, of course, another great way to make sure you follow through is by planning ahead. With a Flourish digital planner, you can find a planner for any area of your life including a Goal Setting digital planner, Health & Wellness digital planner, a Money Moves Financial digital planner and so many more! Click here to see them all for yourself! 


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