Planning Essentials Bundle
Planning Essentials Bundle

Planning Essentials Bundle


Yearly Planner →

Your year, thoughtfully arranged. Think of this planner as a way to unwind through the details. Big picture? Set your goals and map your vision. Week by week? Plan your days, then watch life bloom as you track your routines and moods.

Morning Moment Journal →

Just a few moments in the a.m. make all this difference with the flow of our days. Warm your hands around that matcha latte, and then let your brain wake up by jotting down an affirmation you want to hold tight, as well as a roundup of what you’re thankful for and what you want to take action on. For a final touch, journal loosely and let your thoughts deep dive to fully set the tone for your day.

Stickers for Everyday →

Spruce up your notes, add some aesthetic, or flag that important task for tomorrow. Hey, do all three! They’re yours to customize, and you can’t use too many.


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