5 iPad Accessories You Need From Amazon

Here are a few cute iPad accessories on Amazon that you’ll be dying to get your hands on right now! Tech products don’t need to be dull and boring. Instead, you can liven up a simple iPad with a little something extra, whether it’s a pop of color or a chic design or pattern. Plus, having something cute just makes working and planning so much more fun, right?

Apple Pencil Cover

A cute, colorful cover for your Apple pen is the perfect iPad accessory must-have, especially to brighten things up for the summer! In this set, you’ll receive 3 different colors, which will allow you to change it up as often as you like. This is also a nice affordable option that won’t break the bank.

iPad Accessories Case

This is another one of the best iPad accessories. If you ever find yourself leaving your headphones in the kitchen, your Apple pen on your desk, and your USB cord, who knows where, this is the organizer for you. The case is so small and compact that you can easily pop it into any bag or tote without taking up much room. You’ll also find that the individual separators allow you to have a specific place for everything from your Apple pens to chargers and headphones. And, it doesn’t hurt that the color is spot on.

iPad Case

While you probably already have a neutral or more professional iPad case in blue or black, consider choosing at least one case in a pastel or bright color. This can be a fun way to incorporate a color that you’ve always liked but never seem to buy. For example, if you have a color that you love but don’t look good in, try incorporating that color into your life in your accessories. You’ll also find that you have tons of fun colors to choose from, the hardest part will be choosing just one!

iPad Keyboard

These fun keyboards could not be more aesthetically pleasing! In fact, is it just me or do they give off vibes from the fun colored Apple computers that we all remember from Legally Blonde back in the day. You can pick a theme to match your iPad case, or get creative by mixing and matching with a complementary color. Maybe the purple case above with either the pink or blue keyboard would be perfect.


If you are a woman on the go, and I mean, aren’t we all….then you need this 5 in 1 docking station. It’s small and portable which is always a big win and has everything that you need to stay charged up. It might even be worth it to buy two so that you always have one one hand. Also, if you’re a photographer, you even have a slot for your memory card. Done are the days of boring, black USB hubs, this has everything in one and is the perfect shade of pink.