5 iPad Organization Apps You Need

If you’re obsessed with all things planning and organization, then get ready to geek out over some great iPad organization apps. Or, maybe you’re always saying that you need to “get organized” but just don’t know what app to use or where to start. Whichever camp you fall in, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 iPad Organization apps you need.


If you’re not yet familiar with Goodnotes, it’s a note-taking app where you can take handwritten notes in digital notebooks and then annotate imported PDF documents. To organize your information in Goodnotes, you basically have notebooks and documents. Of course, since this is digital you can have an unlimited number of notebooks which makes using an app a really sustainable way to organize your life. There are so many fun editing features and tools that you’ll have fun playing around with.


If you love YouTube, then you’re probably no stranger to Notion. It seems that all the great productivity vloggers are obsessed with Notion, and for good reason. You can think of Notion as a project management app, and you can use it for both work and personal life, which can help to cut down on having dozens of apps and consolidate your tasks in one place. Within Notion, you can create docs, lists, notes, and also organize your projects and tasks. At first, it can take a while to get everything set up, but once you do, you’ll feel incredibly organized and have great systems in place.

Zen Flip Clock

Zen Flip Clock is a unique app that allows you to make your iPad look like a flip clock. The look of the app is really clean and fresh and it shows the time in white numerals with a black background. You know you won’t be able to resist taking at least one Insta photo with this beautiful screensaver in the background. You can also use this on your other devices too so that you can easily check the time as you’re busily working away. Also, the app has a Pomodoro feature as well! If you don’t know about the Pomodoro method, it just means that you work in short, productive sprints of time, like 20-25 minutes, and then take a short break. Then, after a short break, you do another Pomodoro session of 20-25 minutes. Lastly, there is also a helpful timer feature as well.


Trello is another great option for a project management tool that you can use for both your job and personal tasks. With Trello, you can organize your projects and ideas into boards or workspaces. If you are a visual person, you’ll love this. A nice feature of Trello is that you can easily move everything around and overall, it’s really simple and user-friendly. You can also add notes, and add colleagues or friends if you need to collaborate on projects together.

Endless Paper

Endless Paper is a new, innovative app that lets you use an infinite canvas to take notes, sketch, explore, and brainstorm. If you’re looking for something a little less structured and more creative, you’ll love this one. If you’ve ever tried to cram a design or sketch onto a single sheet of paper, this will never be a problem with this app, as you have unlimited space. And, if you hate remembering to save your work, this will never be an issue as it always saves automatically, so no extra work on your end. Whether you think of yourself as a creative person or not, you’ll definitely feel your inner Steve Jobs coming out when you use this app.