5 Simple Tips for How to Gain Momentum and Get Motivated

When you’re feeling off track, figuring out how to get motivated can feel like an impossible goal. It’s crazy how we can be doing well for weeks or months, and then it only takes a small slip and we suddenly feel like we’re starting from scratch. But, don’t get down on yourself, and know that we all lose motivation from time to time. It’s about moving forward slowly and surely. And don’t miss this video to see these tips in vlog form!


Here are 5 simple tips for how to gain momentum and stay motivated.

Start small to build momentum

Most people fail to consistently stay motivated because they try to do too much at once. We all know people that start the new year with a list of 150 new goals for the year and then flop by January 31. You see, it doesn’t work to go from zero to one hundred. Instead, you need to start impossibly small and build up from there. As you read through the tips below, keep this idea in the back of your mind that starting small is the foundation of everything.

Move your body

I love the phrase, ‘move your body' because I know that for some people, the word, ‘exercise’ conjures up bad memories and dread. The idea of moving your body could look like going on a 15-minute walk at lunch each day or starting your morning with yoga at home. I believe that the best exercise is anything that gets your body moving and that you can do fairly consistently. You’d be surprised what a difference a short walk can make when you’re feeling unmotivated or discouraged. Walking is a good habit to add to your life because it’s easy and is also good for your mental health. And if you’re not motivated in one or more areas of your life, start tracking your steps and see where it leads you.

Stock your fridge with healthy options

If you want to know how to get motivated to do anything, a healthy diet is a good place to begin. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better about myself when I am filling my body with healthy fruits, veggies, and proteins. And, if you’re not used to eating well, then find someone that you admire and ask yourself what they would choose? Would they be eating takeout five days a week, or meal prepping on the weekend to have chicken salads for the week? Of course, nobody's perfect, so give yourself 1-2 days to splurge a little, and try to shoot for the healthy options on the other days.

Do something to look or feel your best

Another of my favorite motivation tips is to do something that will help you look and feel your best. Last week I got my first haircut in months, and it made me feel like an entirely new person, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean. For you, this could be doing a weekly face mask at home, buying the perfect pair of pajamas that will make you enjoy going to bed, or finding the perfect beauty product. When we’re working from home, this is something that we often neglect, and we can forget how good it feels to put in an extra dose of time or effort once in a while.

Get your space organized and clean

Do you ever procrastinate on the important things or feel like you can’t get anything done because your home or workspace is a disaster? If so, you’re not alone. It’s amazing how spending a few minutes each day tidying up your space can truly impact how you’re feeling. Now, if this doesn’t come easily to you, try to spice it up by listening to an audiobook or podcast while you do the dishes or fold the laundry. Or, take 10 minutes at the end of the day to tidy and then reward yourself with a nice cup of tea or a show on Netflix.

Surround yourself with motivational content

Another key to motivation is giving yourself daily motivation tips or even self-motivation tips. What does this mean? Well, you could start your day with a motivational video on YouTube, or read an encouraging book, even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes. You might have a motivational quote that you repeat daily or something inspiring that you have written down in your Flourish digital planner. The fact is, that between our jobs, the news, and the people around us, we’re surrounded with negativity. That means that it’s up to us to intentionally make time for positive vibes, even when we’re not always feeling it. You never know, sometimes it just takes hearing the right quote or idea at the right time to totally turn things around for you.

Create a vision board

Lastly, our final tip is to create a vision board with images that put a smile on your face and light you up. You might include places that you want to travel to, people you want to meet, clothes you want to wear, books you want to read, etc. Creating your vision board is all about expressing your own personal creativity and really letting yourself be a little vulnerable and uncomfortable. Sometimes we’re afraid to dream because we’ve been disappointed in the past and are afraid we won’t hit our goals this time around. But, imagine how good it will feel to hit even one of your goals for your vision board. Even one can make it all worth it.