6 Tips to Make Aesthetic Digital Planner Spreads On the iPad

Do you ever see stunning digital planner spreads and think to yourself, “I could never create a monthly planner or daily planner that looks like that?” If so, you’re not alone! At first, it can feel intimidating, especially if you aren’t used to being creative. The good news is that creating aesthetic planner spreads is actually so simple, easy, and most importantly, fun! Try following these tips below and before you know it, you’ll be creating your own spreads that your friends will be dying to replicate!

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Here are 6 tips to make aesthetic digital planner spreads on the iPad.

Plan first and decorate later

The actual planning is the most important part and should be your first step. A pro tip is that you can try using an off-black color instead of pure black as pure black can be a little too harsh on your eyes, especially if you are staring at a screen for a long period of time. Before you jump into the fun details and colors, just begin by planning out your full day with meetings, activities, projects, self-care, and anything else you need to do during the day.

Pick your colors

Once you have your plans in place, you can move on to adding in your creative elements. When it comes to adding colors, 2-3 colors is a good amount, more than that can be too much. You can also try two complementary colors or two hues of the same color. Once you find a color that you like you can add it to your color pre-sets in Goodnotes so that you can continually go back to it. Over time, you’ll find that you’ve built up a nice library of available colors that you can return to over and over again. If you’re not sure where to start, try out some pastel colors as they often look good together.

Highlighting and underlining

Once you have your planning done and have your colors, you might want to go through and highlight or underline the header text and use different colored text to section off the day. For instance, you might consider putting all of your work tasks in one color, and personal tasks in another color. This can be helpful to allow you to visually distinguish your tasks from each other as you’re glancing through your planner for the day. Once again, complementing colors look great and help your text to stand out. Remember to experiment and have fun with it.

Add photos and quotes

Your next step is to try adding photos and graphics from Pinterest. When you have a few minutes of free time, spend 15-30 minutes finding and saving images and graphics from Pinterest. Then, when it comes to planning, you’ll have dozens of saved images to choose from. You might also enjoy using the freehand crop tool in Goodnotes to outline the text. Adding these visual elements is a fun way to add more creativity and personality to your planner spreads!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Have fun with creative apps

Try using the Ojet app. With this app, you can take any picture from your camera roll and you can crop it in all different shapes and sizes. If you feel like you don’t have much room for creativity in your work life, getting creative with your planner spreads can be a great way to bring out your creative side and also create a beautiful and aesthetic planner template.

Add digital stickers

For even more help with digital stickers and adding visual elements, you’ll want to check out our video on the Goodnotes elements tool! Digital stickers are another element you can use to personalize your planner and make it your own. And, if you’re just getting started with digital planning or just want to make things simple, check out our sticker pack in the flourish shop! This gives you the fun of stickers without doing any of the work to make them yourself.

Lastly, to have the best digital planning for iPad the real key is to make planning something that you enjoy and look forward to! Don’t be afraid to experiment or make mistakes. Remember, one of the best parts about planning digitally is that if you don’t like something you can always fix it or start over, no mistake is permanent. Over time, you’ll get a feel for what elements and styles you prefer, and you’ll be able to plan out your day or week in just a few minutes.