How to Create a Sunday Reset Routine + FREE Checklist

Do you ever have those moments when everything seems to happen all at once that you barely have time to stop and put your feet up to relax? Before you know it, your home is a mess, you’re running low on groceries, and there’s so much to do!

I know it happens to me sometimes, and this is why I have a Sunday Reset Routine. 

At the end of this post, you’ll find a free download link for my FREE Sunday Reset Checklist. You can use it to organize everything in your home, work tasks, mental health, and beauty—basically, all areas where we need a good reset from time to time.

Without further ado, here are some tips and reminders for a chill and much-needed Sunday Reset:


I often forget to stay hydrated when I’m busy, so I’m putting this on top priority here: Don’t forget to drink your water! If you’ve been harried with tasks and are wondering why you feel so tired and your head is aching, you probably need to rehydrate.

I love filling a big insulated jug with icy cold water, cucumber slices, and lemon slices. You can throw in some mint in there, too. You can infuse water with virtually any fruit you like—apples, berries, watermelon, citrus fruits—to spruce up your daily drink.

Tidy Your Space

If you’re unsure where to begin, do what I do and start by picking up clutter around your home. Putting away clothes strewn on the floor, unwashed glasses, and other obvious clutter is always a good place to start.

Then I like to do the dishes, wipe down the counters, make the bed—basically, I just try to catch up on all the chores I may have ignored during the week. This is a great time to listen to a podcast, put on your favorite playlist, or catch up on your favorite reality show as you get to work!

Do the Laundry

You can also start a load of laundry as you clean. Multitasking will help you accomplish more, so now is an excellent time to clear up your laundry backlog. 

Once you finish a load, put all your fresh laundry in a pile so you can put them away in their proper places later. 

Clean the Bathroom

I don’t enjoy cleaning the bathroom (who does?), but hey, it has to be done. Start by putting away misplaced items and clearing clutter. Then, wipe down the counter and deep clean your toilet and floors if they’re due for a good scrubbing. 

If you’re not in the mood or don’t have time for a deep clean, that’s okay, too!

Wipe Down All Countertops

I don’t know why, but this is my absolute favorite chore. There’s something so satisfying about cleaning countertops and leaving them spotless, I guess? It just makes a huge difference and makes everything smell nice and look neat.

Anyway, make sure to use the appropriate cleanser for your countertops—it depends on what material they’re made of. Use a non-abrasive cloth, like microfiber or cotton, so that you don’t scratch the surface.

Get Groceries and Treat Yourself

I also like doing grocery runs after everything’s been cleaned at home. It’s also a great time to wind down—maybe have a nice lunch or coffee outside just to slow down and treat myself before another busy week begins all over again.

Do a Hot Girl Walk

For the uninitiated, a “hot girl walk” is basically just going out for a long walk while you listen to positive and uplifting music for a much-needed dopamine and serotonin boost. It’s been proven that being out in nature positively affects mood, so including this in your regular mental reset is sure to do wonders.

Make Your Space Cozy and Enjoy a Drink

My favorite part of cleaning is setting up a fresh vibe after everything’s been put away. I like making my space feel nice and cozy by lighting candles and brewing a pot of tea or making a fun mocktail to enjoy while I sit on the couch to read or watch TV.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed making fun and healthy mocktails with kombucha, seltzer water, and lemon or lime. Yum!

Take a Moment for Self Care

It wouldn’t be a true reset if you don’t do at least one small thing for self-care. It can be anything, really. You could do your nails, hair mask, face mask, exfoliate, soak in the bath, or do a foot scrub—anything that makes you feel a little bit more relaxed and pampered.

Plan the Week Ahead

I also do my weekly planning on Sundays, as it helps me set the tone for the upcoming week. I use a digital planner on my iPad, where I fill out the Weekly Dashboard to set expectations for the week and outline the things I need to do. 

I usually pick three “top priorities” for the week so that I know what to focus on. Then, I map out my workout schedule so I don’t have to think too hard about what I need to do each day. 

My habit tracker also keeps me on track with new habits I want to build, like meditating, drinking more water, reading books, etc. I don’t check all the boxes every single week, but I find it fun and really helpful when I’m able to!

I also review my previous week’s to-do list to check if I have pending tasks to push to the following week. It’s important to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Final Thoughts

A reset routine will help you recalibrate your home, mental health, and work life, so definitely try to do it whenever you need. I’ve prepared a Sunday Reset Routine checklist that you can download, so feel free to check that out. 

And remember—if you do need to just rest on the weekend and unwind, you should do it! (I have those weeks as well.) There are no rules, so listen to your mind and body and do what feels right for you.