How to Plan a Perfect Week on Your iPad with the Weekly Dashboard

Raise your hand if you’ve dreamed of planning the perfect week but have never been able to make it happen? Rather than being an unrealistic expectation, planning the perfect week is something we can all shoot for to make the most of our days, and ultimately our lives. If you’re wondering how to use iPad to organize your life, you’ll be obsessed with the new flourish weekly dashboard digital planner. Let's jump right into how you can use this digital planner to plan out your ideal week!

Start by listing your top priorities and to-do items

The weekly dashboard is a great iPad planner template that gives you space for your daily top priorities, to-do’s, and even things that would be nice to get done but aren’t non-negotiables. If you’ve read the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, you might be familiar with the concept of, “start with the end in mind.” This means that before you fill your calendar with meetings and other tasks, get clear on what your priorities are for the week and which ones are less important. You also have a section with the question, “What would make this week great?” You can also use the weekly to-do list to do a brain dump, allowing you to get everything out of your mind and onto the digital page.

Work on your daily lineup

Another feature of the weekly dashboard that you’ll love is a section for your daily intention, daily workout, and daily self-care. Having these right in your digital planner is such an added bonus as these are essential areas that we often overlook or neglect. Do yourself a favor and make these a priority just as you would an important meeting or project. With an entire section for your workout schedule, you can take 5 minutes at the start of the week and plan out your workouts for the week ahead. Now, if you’re struggling to start or get back on track with your fitness routine, you’ll love our post on 5 apps to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Fill in your reading and listening sections

Remind yourself that intentionally choosing the content you fill your mind with is massively important. Do you spend your spare time mindlessly scrolling or do you read or listen to motivational music or podcasts? The weekly dashboard is the best digital planner for iPad because it considers not just your to-do list, but all areas of living a full and meaningful life. With sections for “What I’m reading” and “what I’m listening to” you can choose ahead of time what to spend your time reading and listening to. Find an uplifting podcast to teach you something new, or read that novel that you’ve been putting off but know you’ll love.

Think about your habits and reminders

The best way to establish good, positive habits is to actually write them down and have a tracking system for yourself. This digital planner has a built-in habit tracker to add habits such as meditation, reading, drinking water, walking, taking your vitamins, etc. Consider what habits you’ve wanted to try but have a hard time sticking to. You might even start with just one, and then if you follow through at least 50% of the time, consider adding a second habit next week! You also have a reminders section so that you can write down anything that you don’t want to forget!

Add your priorities and to-do’s to your daily schedule

Now, the final step is to add your priorities to your daily schedule. Then, once you have your priorities in place, you can add in your self-care, workout, reading, etc. Finally, with the room you have remaining, you can fill in other less important to-do items. Don’t feel the need to completely over-schedule yourself if you don’t need to! It’s ok to have blank space in your schedule!

The combination of planning for both personal and professional is what really makes the weekly dashboard the best planner for iPad. Also, most of us are way too hard on ourselves so never beat yourself up for a bad week or two. If you have to skip a workout or two this week, don’t stress! Show yourself some compassion and just pick yourself up next week. You can use the idea that a little progress is better than nothing. If you can’t do a 30-minute run, go on a 10-minute walk or get out your weights for 5 minutes. Flourishing isn’t about being perfect, it’s about progress.