How to Plan On Your iPad with the Flourish Digital Planner

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One of the best parts about starting a new month is being able to start fresh with goals, habits, and ideas for the month ahead. Some months you might be ready to dive right into planning, while others might leave you feeling discouraged and wondering what the best monthly plan would look like for you.

If you already use a Flourish digital planner, then feel free to skip down to the tips below. But, if you are new to Flourish but are looking for the ideal iPad planner template, we’ve got you covered. Flourish planners are great because they provide the structure that most of us crave when planning, but also give you the flexibility and freedom to use your creativity to give it your own flair.

You’ll also find tons of template options to help you find the best digital planner for iPad. Also, because planning is so much more fun when we do it together, feel free to watch this monthly Plan With Me, while you’re doing your own planning for more ideas and inspiration.

Put yourself in the right frame of mind

This might sound crazy, but I’ve found that getting into the right headspace for planning is just as important as the planning itself. If you’re frazzled, stressed, and scattered, this will be reflected in your goals and plans. If you’re not at your best, try taking 20-30 minutes (or however long you have or need) to meditate, read, journal, listen to music, etc. Then, you’ll be able to return to your planning session more relaxed and ready to get to work.

Use the monthly template to add in events and important dates

Before you jump into goals, start by using the monthly layout in your Flourish Yearly digital planner to insert important dates or things you need to do. By doing this first, you have an overview of how the month looks, whether it’s going to be more relaxed or super busy. If you have tons of deadlines and events, this should be reflected in your goal-setting process later on. It can be fun at first to set tons of goals, but remember that at the end of the month, if you try to overextend yourself, you’ll be left feeling burnt out and frustrated.

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Look through all the templates but don’t feel the need to use everything at once

People who love planning often feel the need to be “perfect” or do it all! And unfortunately, we often apply this need to be perfect to planning as well. Flourish Digital Planners give you lots of template options but you don’t need to use every template at once. Instead, think about your month ahead and find what works for you. Less is usually more. Then, if you want to add in another template or take one away, that’s perfectly fine. The idea is to pick and choose what works for you! Some months you might be ready for tons of planning templates and during other months, a simple to-do list template might be all that you need.

Get creative with a monthly vision board

Another fun way to begin the month is with a vision board. Even if you don’t believe that creating a vision board will help you manifest your dreams, it can still be a good way to open up your mind to dream and be creative. Most of the time we think of planning as very serious and type A but it’s also important to keep a sense of lightheartedness with it as well. Jump on Pinterest and find images or words that inspire you, especially if you’re in a tough season of life and need something to look forward to. This could be photos involving trips, books, workouts, fashion, home decor, career dreams, or truly anything that gets you excited.

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Work on your goals and to-do’s

With the Daily Undated Digital Planner, you have so many templates at your disposal like the action plan template, tracking templates, daily planning, and reviews. Think about some of the pictures that you found for your vision board and consider how you could translate those into simple, tangible goals. You could even separate your goals into areas like personal, career, and health. I try not to set more than three goals for each area of life. Then, once you have a few goals, consider what actions or to-do’s you need to turn your goals into reality. For instance, if your goal is to work out, start by choosing a workout plan so that you have a framework. Then, decide what days/times you’ll exercise, and put those times into your calendar. Planning and reaching your goals is possible, but it will require planning and intentionality.

We know that finding the best productivity planner for iPad isn’t easy. You’ve got tons of options and maybe you don’t know where to start. That’s ok. Take it slow. If you’re looking for one go-to planner, the 2022 Daily Undated Planner is a great digital daily planner for iPad that will give you everything you need in one planner. Even if you completely failed with planning last month, remember that this is a new month and a fresh start. Girl, it’s your time to flourish.