How to Use Your Health & Wellness Planner to Get Into a Fitness Routine for Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year to get yourself back into a workout routine. Not only do you have so many outdoor activities to choose from, but you also have the added motivation of wanting to look and feel your best. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love having structure and a plan. Telling myself that I should “workout” or “get into shape” isn’t really specific enough. This is why I love the flourish health & wellness digital planner because it gives you a planning framework while still being flexible. Let me show you what the planner looks like, how you can use it, and I’ll even set some goals of my own to give you some added inspiration.

Creating a vision board

Most people just jump into a fitness routine plan, but I find that it’s important to start with your vision. Go on Pinterest and look for images that get you excited. Remember, being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being thin so focus on confidence and health over a particular size. Look for pictures of people and products that inspire you and make you feel good.

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Setting goals with your fitness planner

If you like having a system to follow, then you’ll love the template for setting goals in this planner. You can set goals in the areas of:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Other

For the summer, my fitness goals are to do weight training two days per week, play tennis once a month, and get 10,000 steps daily. I don’t have a crazy intense fitness routine and right now this works well for me.

Now, if you’re not sure where to begin you can even go on Google and type, “fitness routine for beginners," “fitness routine at home”, or “gym routine for summer body.”

You can also take advantage of the summer weather by adding in something like running, tennis, swimming, or anything else you can do outside.

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Weekly meal plan and grocery list

We often underestimate the role that eating a healthy diet plays in our overall health and well-being. Don’t spend hours at the gym and then come home and binge on candy and junk food. Get really intentional about everything that you put into your body.

For me, having a plan helps me to stick to a healthy diet. In the digital health & wellness planner you’ll find templates for:

  • Healthy meal ideas
  • Grocery list
  • Weekly meal plan

Use the summer months to get back into eating salads and try hitting up your local farmer's market. By stocking your fridge with veggies and a few protein sources you can have tons of healthy meal options.

For example, try adding some chickpeas to any veggies of your choice for a delicious (and easy) lunch!

Motivation and staying on track

The good news is that most of us naturally feel more excited and motivated in the summer, which means you’re not starting from scratch. Channel that summer excitement into working out, eating well, and feeling your best.

Take a minute to think back to your vision board for the summer. Imagine that it’s the end of the summer and everything you dreamed about for this summer has come true. Maybe you worked hard to build some muscle or you ate at least one veggie with each meal (on most days). Or, you joined a summer sports league and never missed a practice.

When we're in the moment, it’s easy to give ourselves excuses for why we should skip the workout today or why we should splurge on fast food because we didn’t go grocery shopping.

In these moments, go back to your vision board and remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

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Track your progress

Another feature that I love with the health & wellness planner is the helpful trackers. Once you get into the habit of tracking your workouts or tracking little habits like “drinking water,” or “getting 10,000 steps” you’ll hate breaking your streak. If you’ve never used a tracker before, it’s basically a simple template where you put your habits or something that you want to do. Then, you make a mark in the tracker whenever you follow through. It’s that easy.

Get a friend involved

If you need some extra motivation and encouragement, gift your best friend with a flourish health & wellness planner and hold each other accountable this summer! You might even meet up for Sunday brunch or a coffee to set your goals and create a plan. Sticking to a plan isn’t always easy, but having someone doing it with us often makes it easier to continue on. Then, for some added encouragement, set some goals and reward yourself with a mini girl's trip at the end of the summer or a day at a local spa!

We all know that coming up with a good summer workout plan is not always easy at first. But, once you get going and find exercises and routines that work for you, you won’t want to stop. Whether you’re super organized or not, the flourish health & wellness planner does all of the heavy lifting for you with all the templates you’ll need to reach your health and wellness goals.