How to Use Your iPad as a Reading Planner

Does this sound familiar? You want to be more intentional with your reading but instead you find yourself jotting down quotes from books on random sheets of paper or in the notes app of your phone, which you can never seem to keep organized. While there’s nothing wrong with doing this, there is definitely a simpler and more effective way of doing things. What is the solution? Try using a digital reading planner on your iPad. Now, let’s talk about how to use your iPad as a reading planner and some of the great features.

As a reader, there are probably so many things that you want to remember or keep track of. This could include your favorite quotes, what books you’ve read, are reading, or want to read, and also reading goals or reviews. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with information, or maybe didn’t even realize you could do all of this digitally with a Flourish Reading Planner, let’s go through each amazing feature.


Reading List

Creating a reading list is one of the first steps that you can take to really organize your reading life. In fact, maybe you’ve even put off reading in the past because you felt so disorganized and never knew what to read, or couldn’t remember what you’d already read. With this reading list you can create a list of books with the name of the book and author. Plus, there is also a nifty check box that you can use to check off each book once you’ve finished reading it.

Digital BookShelf

Another great feature of the reading planner is that you can have your own digital bookshelf to put the covers of your books along with the book title, author, and the rating that you would give it out of five stars. If you love things that are aesthetically appealing then you’ll probably find yourself posting images of this on Instagram. Plus, you know your friends and followers will love seeing your favorite reads!


Book Review Page

When we start reading a new book, we often have the best intentions to take copious notes, keep a list of favorite quotes, and write a succinct but thoughtful review at the end. If you can relate, then you’ll love that the planner comes with a built-in template for writing book reviews. The template includes room for the cover of the book, number of stars, title, author, year it was published, favorite quote, and room for your overall thoughts. When it’s as easy as this, there’s no reason not to start writing reviews as soon as you finish the book you’re reading.

Notes Page

Having a dedicated notes page is a great way to write down big ideas or general thoughts that you have as you’re reading. Plus, having one dedicated spot for notes will save you so much time later on when you want to refer back to something that you wrote down. Never again will you have to wonder whether you took notes in that paper notebook you can’t seem to find, or on one of the hundreds of notes on your iPhone or iPad.


Quotes Template

Another feature that you’ll love in your reading planner is the quotes template. Just like it sounds, this is a specific page to keep all of your favorite quotes from all of the books that you’re reading. Having all of your best quotes in one place can be really helpful when it comes time to make cute Insta graphics or when you need inspiration for your vision board.
In addition to everything we talked about above, you’ll even find a place in your digital reading planner to create your own vision board and set goals! So, take that first step of getting your planner! After that, go to the reading list page, and start creating your own list of books!