iOS14 Homescreen Setup: How To Customize Your iPhone Using iOS14

If you have been living under a rock, you should know that there is a new iphone update. And if you haven’t been living under a rock, you have probably seen the update all over instagram, tiktok, and youtube of people customizing their home screens with aesthetic photos and colors. The ios14 update for the iphone allows you to customize your homescreen to whatever you want using widgets.

In this new update you can:

  • edit homescreen using widgets
  • edit app covers using shortcuts
  • customize your app library
  • create a more efficient and function homescreen
  • use creativity to create the perfect phone homescreen for you

You can find these widgets in the widgetsmith app. And from there you can pic from calendars, health trackers, photos, moon cycles, and so much more. You can even edit your app screens with the shortcut app. For example, this allows you to change the basic instagram logo to whatever artwork or photo you want.

You can customize these yourself or gain tons of home screen ideas from pinterest and youtube.

Being an aesthetic enthusiast, I went a little crazy with the new update and created custom widgets for every color app on my homepage. I went with the rainbow theme not because it was the most functional ios14 homescreen setup, but because it was the best ios14 homescreen setup due to the aesthetic.

aesthetic > functional

If you want to see exactly how I customized my iphone home screen, check out my youtube video, “iOS14 HOME SCREEN SETUP | CUSTOMIZE YOUR IPHONE | Aesthetic Rainbow Theme.” I walk you through exactly how to edit your homescreen using the new update and some general ios14 tips and tricks.

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Enjoy and happy customizing!