iPad Planning: The Most Sustainable Way to Plan Your Day

Have you ever thought about adding more sustainability into your life? Maybe you love reading about how others are doing it but think, “I could never do that.” Or, perhaps you’ve heard of the word, “sustainable” but really don’t know what that means or entails. Essentially, sustainability is about using our own influence and daily actions to create an environment that is going to be able to flourish long into the future. Of course, around here, we’re pretty obsessed with planning, so let’s get into the most sustainable way to plan your day.

Think at Least One Day Ahead

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t incorporate sustainability into their lives is that it often requires a little planning. For example, let’s say that you randomly decide to head to the farmers market while you’re out running errands. Now, if you’d planned ahead, you’d know to bring reusable bags with you. However, if you decide to go spur of the moment, you might not have any with you and will need to use the plastic bags from the vendor instead.

In general, when you get into the habit of planning at least one day ahead, you can think of little ways to be more sustainable. This could look like biking or walking instead of driving once in a while. Or, just shopping once a week so that you use less fuel. What’s great is that when you plan ahead, you’ll find yourself feeling less stressed and it will even become like a little game to find creative ways to add more sustainability to your everyday life.

Go Digital

Most of us use far more paper than we probably need. For instance, if you’re used to using a paper planner or notebook, consider trying out a digital planner. Not only are digital planners better for the environment, they are also incredibly convenient, allowing you to sync your planner and to do lists between all of your devices. For those of you that are always leaving your paper shopping list at home or forgetting what workout you had planned, a health and wellness planner can be a lifesaver.

If you’re someone that has a hard time keeping your life organized, you’ll discover that having all your lists, plans, etc. right on your iPad or iPhone can really free up so much of your mental and physical clutter.

Minimalist Daily Planner by Flourish Planner

Try Out “Meatless Mondays”

If you’ve ever considered adding more plant based meals to your diet, consider this your encouragement to go for it! Cooking or buying more vegetarian meals is a good option for both your health and the world. From beans to lentils or tofu, there are so many delicious plant based sources of protein for your diet. If you haven’t cooked plant based in the past, you might try out a few vegetarian or vegan restaurants to see what dishes you enjoy, and then try recreating them on your own. Pinterest can also be a helpful resource for finding plant based recipes and cooking tips.

For those of you that are social butterflies, you could even do this with a group of friends or family where each person brings a meatless dish to try. This way you can spend time with some of your favorite people and also try out a variety of vegetarian meals at the same time. And, finally, going meatless for at least one day a week can also be a great way to save money, which we all love.

Unplug Electronics That Aren’t Being Used

You might not even think about this one, but having all of your electronics plugged in 24 hours a day can use up a lot of energy. As you’re planning your day, either the night before, or in the morning, do a quick lap around your home and see what electronics you can unplug. As you become in the habit of doing this, you can also try to unplug things like your coffee maker as soon as you’re done using them. You might even add this to your to do list for a quick win that you can check off.

Ask Yourself, “How Could I Make This More Sustainable?”

As a smart, creative woman, you should always be thinking about how you can challenge assumptions in your life. Look through your to-do list and daily activities and ask yourself if there are ways to make your current activities more sustainable. Remember that it’s always easier to come up with something creative and sustainable the day or week before, rather than at the last minute when you’re scrambling to get out the door.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help. If you can’t think of sustainable solutions on your own, Google it! While it might be embarrassing or humbling at first, most of us never learned about these things in school or from our parents. You can even talk about sustainability with your friends or colleagues and brainstorm new ideas and learn together.