Music To Help You Relax & Focus | An Interview With the Creator of Modern Headspace

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the creator of Modern Headspace, “Lofi fusion beats sprinkled with subliminal messages, positive affirmations, binaural beats, healing frequencies, and the law of attraction quotes from your favorite books and coaches.”

Modern Headspace is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to study, meditate, focus, or just relax. I had a great time chatting about creativity, goal-setting, law of attraction, and what it takes to pursue your dreams.

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Take me back to the beginning of when you started making music and then what led to the decision to start Modern Headspace?

I’ve been making music since I was a kid, but I didn’t start producing until 4-5 years ago. I had been playing guitar and singing but I was just relying too heavily on other people to do the production side of things. And we all know that no one wants to work as hard as you do on your goals and dreams. So I just dove into producing and learning everything I could. Whenever I get into something, I obsess and I go in depth trying to learn everything. And in those times, I just let it flow. I had already learned music in the past, so it was a natural progression.

I used to listen to binaural beats at night because that is when our subconscious mind is most susceptible. Or when you are in flow state, when you’re working and your mind is focused on a task. So I started listening to these beats to help with ADHD and rewriting my subconscious. But I wished there was a cooler song, like something that could get stuck in my head. So I started messing around, just making a couple little beats here and there. And I really started to have fun with it. One of my friends told me I should start a separate project since I was already so into it. And I knew they were right and began working on it!

How did you get into sound healing?

I started getting into sound healing because a friend of mine got in a really bad car accident. They had a lot of muscle tension and started to go to sound therapy to treat it. I thought this was really interesting having gone to sound engineering school and never hearing about this or being taught what sound healing could do. I was always interested in holistic healing so I started to research these frequencies and how they can help certain parts of your body, relieve tension, ease anxiety, and help you focus.

The sound healing space is very saturated with people who are creating these sounds with ill intentions or just trying to make money. So I started testing and making my own sounds to make sure they were actually at the right frequency. And the more I researched these sounds and read books on it, it started to make a lot of sense as to how these are helping a lot of people.

How do you balance all of the platforms? Do you have a schedule, goals written down?

I like to just post and let it go. I feel like with the law of attraction, when you don’t care as much, you remove a lot of that friction and resistance. You’re not so concerned with why something might not be doing well. So I just create and move on. Sometimes I'll even forget that I posted something and it will do really well which is really cool.

I have a bit more of a schedule and growth plan now. I’ve had goals from the beginning just around getting monetized on youtube and reaching certain follower counts to unlock different features. It’s been cool to see the growth there and even the analytical side of studying the algorithms and keywords has been fun to learn.

It can seem like a lot and it was at the beginning, but it’s mostly about committing over consistency. If you commit, the consistency will come. I used to be harder on myself about posting everyday but I created a mindset around doing this for the long-run so it’s okay to take your time.

The massive secret is just not stopping. Just don’t quit because it will happen. If you truly want it, just say you’ll never quit. End of story.

You have multiple songs around attracting money. How do you accept abundance/wealth/money in business?

The way I have started to look at it is, money isn’t the only transaction that is happening. Whether it’s the music or a youtube video, whatever it may be, I am offering more to this person’s world than just the need for money. I am providing value in exchange for money.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is help people.

My purpose that I have written down is, “You have the responsibility to become the best version of yourself to make and release as much music as possible to help the most people.” So when I go to bed I ask myself if I did that in any way shape or form today. So I really look at it as a much deeper transaction than just money.

What are your favorite books that have helped you on your journey?

The Four Agreements is one of the first ones I read. Don Miguel has great books, I bought his whole collection. The Net And The Butterfly, Joe Dispenza’s books are also great. There’s so many, but those are some of my favorites.

What music artists inspire you?

Anything on my “Spiritual But It Slaps Playlist” (Check it out below!)


What is next for Modern Headspace:

More frequency videos on the new moon and full moon. I have a couple of lofi instrumental albums coming out this year. And one of my favorite projects I am working on is the Abraham Hicks full album. One of her beats, “Everything Is Always Working Out for Me,” is one of my top songs.

I just love taking clips of sayings and making beats out of it and decided I wanted to do a whole album with a top to bottom mindset filled with her teachings. That will be called Vortex which will be out later this year!

Overall, the creator of Modern Headspace has been intentional through their entire journey to pursuing their goals. Whether you’re making music, studying for a final, creating a product, or growing a youtube channel, these key takeaways can be applied.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Create with intention.
  2. Form micro habits and start to build momentum.
  3. Believe in yourself and trust the process. Don’t stress about the outcome.
  4. Don’t quit. Commit to your goals.

Be sure to check out Modern Headspace on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music!