Tips to Write Neatly On Your iPad

Can you relate to this? You’ve been scrolling through Insta and see the most beautiful iPad photos, that look like they were done by a professional calligrapher. You have high, grand visions in your mind, but whenever you write on your iPad it just comes out looking like it was written by a 5-year-old. No worries! With a few simple tricks and a good dose of practice, you’ll improve your iPad writing in no time.

Here are some tips to write neatly on an iPad.

Get a Paperlike Screen Protector

To write well, you want to consider both writing techniques and also how to set your iPad up for the best writing experience. Starting with a Paperlike screen protector is a great first step. This will allow you to create just a little extra friction rather than just writing on the plain glass screen which will help you improve your grip too.

Try Out Pencil Grips

Speaking of grip, using a pencil grip can be immensely helpful too. If you’ve ever felt frustrated because the Apple pencil is just so dang thin, adding a pencil grip will give your pen that little something extra to provide you with a better grip. Also, if you ever find your fingers slipping with the Apple pencil, this will help with that too. Plus, there are so many cute pencil grips to choose from! That’s an added bonus, right?

Slow Down

Whether it’s typing on a keyboard, on our phone, or even writing, most of us like to write fast. But, when you’re writing on an iPad, try to slow down, especially at first, until you really get the hang of it.

Adjust Your Pen Settings

Check out your pen settings and get ready for some trial and error. There’s no one size fits all so don’t be afraid to play around with different options until you find what feels and looks good for you. Another tip is to move around both the tip sharpness and pressure sensitivity settings until you find a look that you like. You can also try adjusting this depending on if you prefer a sharp or rounded look as you’re writing. Lastly, you can also use the writing posture settings to help it better detect your own handwriting and to know where your hand placement will be.

Write Small

This one is pretty simple but try writing smaller. I know, I know, this might feel weird at first, but at least give it a try. You’ll find that by writing smaller you’ll have more control as you’re writing. Once you feel really confident with writing small, you can always increase your letter-size over time.

Use the Zoom Tool

Another practical tip is to use the zoom tool. This is helpful because when you write with this tool, you will discover that your writing looks more polished. Once again, this helps with control and this way you can just take it one letter at a time as you go along.

Use Graph or Lined Paper

Especially if you’re a beginner, I’d highly encourage you to start with either graph or lined paper. Plus, Goodnotes makes this super easy with so many great templates to pick from. Using graph paper or lined paper will give you some structure so that it’s easier to keep your letters and words exactly the same.

Add in Fun Decorative elements

Now, let’s talk about the really fun stuff! If you ever follow planning accounts on Instagram, you know all about decorative elements. By adding these small, artsy touches, your pages will not only help you reach your goals but will also be beautiful to look at too! Remember, if you’re still not super confident with your writing, decorative elements will lessen the focus on your writing.

Practice Daily

Finally, I have to mention the importance of daily practice. It’s easy to look online and assume that everyone is just naturally gifted at knowing how to write neatly on an iPad, but that’s rarely the case. If you want to improve, just write a little each day, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. Then, a month or two from now look back at your earlier writing and give yourself a high five for how much you’ve improved. You’ve got this! Start writing, get after those goals, and Flourish!