Why You Should Try a Standing Desk in 2022

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If you’ve ever considered getting a standing desk, 2022 might be the year for you to just go for it. Or, maybe you’re still on the fence and are wondering, is getting a standing desk worth it? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, let’s talk about how to pick a standing desk and some of the best reasons for choosing a standing desk.

Why Should You Get a Standing Desk

If you are completely new to the standing desk world, you could be wondering why to get a standing desk in the first place. Remarkably, you might be surprised to know that studies have shown that using a standing desk can actually lower your risk for obesity, high blood pressure, and myriad other problems like high cholesterol. Amazing, right? Think about a typical day in your work life and consider how many hours you are sitting. You might even try tracking how many times you get up during the day to stretch, get a glass of water, or go on a walk. For most of us, it’s probably not enough. The good news is that having a standing desk helps to eliminate some of the burdens of sitting in a chair all day long.

How Does a Standing Desk Even Work

Even if you’ve never used one, you’ve most likely seen commercials or had a co-worker that has used one. Just like the name implies, they allow you to stand while working. You also have the option of choosing a fixed-height desk or a sit-stand desk. With the fixed-height option, it will be fixed at your normal standing height. Whereas, the sit-stand option is adjustable so that you have the choice of using it for either sitting or standing. You might find that specific tasks are more conducive to sitting while others are great for standing, so this can give you additional flexibility.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are so many reasons for getting a standing desk so let’s jump into some of the benefits of a standing desk. According to Uplift Desk, making a simple change to a standing desk can help you to increase your energy, improve your mood, boost your productivity, lose weight, harness joint, and muscle movement, improve mental focus, and lower your risk of disease. Who wouldn’t want all of those incredible benefits!

How to Choose Your Own Standing Desk

As we talked about earlier, you’ll want to consider whether you’re looking for a fixed-height desk or a sit-stand desk. If you’re working in person at an office, you can also check with your boss or colleagues about getting a standing desk at work to see if they have suggestions or recommendations. You should also consider how much space you have available in your office space and think about what style you’re looking for. Before you start shopping it’s always good to determine your price range. The last thing you should do is look at reviews to see what current customers think.

Now that we’ve talked about why to get a standing desk, let’s see if we can help you find one of your own. Unsurprisingly, Amazon has a standing desk option for every price point! If you’re looking to spend around $200, this is a great option! Or, for under $300, you’ll love this one. And finally, if you’re really looking for an investment, this one has been rated best overall.